The Tale behind Puptales

Jona, our Founder, grew up surrounded by pets. In his childhood home were four Shih Tzus, one mixed breed pooch, two cats, a Leguan (lizard with a very long tail), two tropical parrots and dozens of birds in the back garden. They even had two fish ponds, the back garden filled with Koi fish and the front garden with gold fishes and other pond fishes. As the kids grew up, more animals joined the family, a few rabbits, hamsters and other lovely creatures. That might happen when you grow up in a family with 8 kids (Jona being the joint youngest of the family). Inspired by his love for pets combined with his own athletic ambition (healthy way of living) led him to create a range of healthy snacks and pet food filled with honest, natural ingredients. Jona works in close partnership together with some brilliant vets and nutritionists to create delicious, healthy and natural recipes using top quality ingredients. So Puptales is not only a story (tale) about his own journey and love for his dog Atlas the Cockapoo, but the memories we all share with our trusted pets.

Jona, Atlas
& the team at Puptales