Most asked questions by fellow pup parents

Why Puptales?

What distinguishes Puptales?+

Can I give these to my puppy? How old should my dog be?+

What’s different about Puptales range?+

Why is Puptales pet food more expensive than other pet foods?+

What if my dog doesn’t like it?+

Safety & Quality

What do you mean by 'proper meat'?+

What do natural ingredients really mean?+

Who formulates Puptales products, and what are their credentials?+

Where is Puptales pet food made?+

Where can I find detailed ingredient and dosage information?+

Do your products contain any ingredients that will be bad for my pet?+


Is Puptales packaging recyclable?+

How quick is your delivery?+

Where is my order?+

How can I return my product? Can I get a refund?+

How does the subscription offering work?+

How do I modify my subscription information?+

When will my savings plan be billed?+